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01 October 2010 @ 11:53 pm
Round 7: Rules & Info  
Round 7 is officially open!

The rules:

» All icons must be made specifically for this challenge. Don't submit icons you've already made.
» Don't take other people's work.
» Make sure your icons have no adult content.
» Icons must be made according to the LiveJournal standard. This means that they must be under 40kb, 100x100 pixels and saved as a .png, .gif or .jpg
» Post your icons to your livejournal/icon community, then post a 3 icon teaser here with a link back to the rest. Please don't post any more than 3 and don't post a banner or any other sort of picture.
» Post all your completed icons together.
» Make sure your icon post is UNLOCKED.
» Please don't submit your icons to this post.
» I will grant posting access, but it will be moderated, so be sure to keep that in mind.
» Please use the table I provide to post your icons. You can change the colors and whatnot, obviously.
» Please do not add tags. We'll do that for you.
» Add a subject to your post: Round # - Username
» Your completed set of 20 icons is due by April 1.

****NOTE: MARCH 16 2011****
Anyone is allowed to submit icons to this round pertaining to these themes, even if you didn't sign up last year. The round will be extended until April 1. If you want to submit, feel free to just shoot me a comment here or at the sign-up post. :) Thanks!

Round 7 Participants
fanelia_angel Ted & Barney
rosengrace 4x13 "Three Days of Snow"
csichick_2 Barney Stinson
audrey_cullen Robin Scherbatsky
fatlegs11 Ted Mosby

10 themes: Bro*, Colorful, Cute, Dark, Dorky, Hot Stuff**, Large Text, My Mood*** One Color, Touch

*Bro: Your icon must show some sort of "friendship".
**Hot Stuff: Your icon must feature someone looking sharp/attractive, or this can be facetious and it can be them acting/looking/dressing totally awkwardly.
***My Mood: Make an icon of the mood you're in while you're making it.

Category: With Lily- Your icons must feature your character with Lily. If you have a pairing/two characters, you can use one character per icon, but at least one icon must have all three characters. If you claimed an episode, the icon may feature Lily plus others.
Use this table when you're posting :)

5 Artist's Choice

Use the table below when posting :)

Let me know if you have questions!